Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Pastor Peter is an engaging communicator who speaks with a balance of humour and relevance. His passion is to help people discover their purpose and find their place in God's Kingdom. Alumni of Zion Bible College, former Youth Pastor at Zion Gospel Temple, founder and Lead Pastor of One Community Church, Pastor Peter avidly believes in and is a dedicated builder of the next generation.



    Pastor Peggy is an honest-to-goodness New Yorker-turned-Hamiltonian, who sees her adopted city as one that can impact the nation. Graduating class president of Zion Bible College, she has served in ministry for 25 years, including pioneering One Community Church with her husband, Pastor Peter Rigo, and founding One College. She is a teacher at heart with a desire to share Biblical insights in an everyday way and is passionate about equipping church members to find their purpose and reach the world for Christ. 



    Pastor Matt came to Canada from a small town in West Virginia but has spent the last 10 years falling in love with Hamilton. There is nothing he would rather do than communicate the gospel using creative formats such as graphic design and video. He has a heart for creating a welcoming and engaging space for the church to meet. He received his degree in Pastoral Ministries from Rhema Bible Training Centre and interned with OneEighty Youth at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



    With 13 years of experience in Music and Ministry, Pastor Rachel is no stranger to transitions and key changes on stage and in life. To her, there is no greater accomplishment than helping others find their purpose through using their gifts for a cause bigger than themselves — sharing the love of Jesus with the world. Graduate of Hillsong Faithworks Extension College (aka ONE College) and current Creative Pastor at One Community Church, she leads us in cultivating a culture of creativity and always pushes the boundaries to ensure music and worship is not your typical “Sunday morning” sound. 



    As an alumni of Hillsong Faithworks Extension College (aka ONE College) and co-founder of Emerge Youth, Pastor Jesse is a passionate mentor and coach for the youth of Hamilton. He’s a firm believer that the young people of our city will play a major role in its revitalization; he’s a dreamer with a drive to inspire. His favourite part of being a Youth and Young Adults Pastor? Getting the invitation to be a part of people’s lives, whether that means going out for breakfast, playing sports, or just hanging out — he’s in. 



    Passionate. Unwavering. Inspiring. All words that describe Pastor Ashley’s love for the youth and young adults of Hamilton. A graduate of Hillsong Faithworks Extension College (aka ONE College) and co-founder of Emerge Youth, her vision for the next generation is that they would rise up and change the perception of this city, making it a place of hope, love, passion, and peace — a place where dreams become reality. She’s willing to play whatever part is required to see people reach their full potential and be who God has called them to be.



    Pastor Greg is naturally equipped to be one of One Community’s Connect pastors alongside his wife, Jenn. Not only has he graduated from Hillsong Leadership College and served in multiple ministries at One Community Church, he is also an active elementary school teacher. He sees a new generation of leaders rising up to show the world what kind of city Hamilton truly is --a city of passion, creativity, faith, and beauty. He is dedicated to nurturing a community of people that are anchored in Christ and passionate about investing in others.



    As the Pastor of One Community’s Connect program alongside her husband, Greg, Pastor Jenn’s goal is to make you feel loved, welcomed, and accepted. Having served in almost every ministry available at One Community Church over the past 13 years, and graduating from Hillsong Leadership College, she is dedicated to building a place where the hurt and hopeless find a home — a church that loves people and walks beside them as they build their relationship with Jesus. 

  • Sharon JOHNSTON

    ONE Kids Pastor

    As a public school teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Wilfred Laurier University, Sharon has had over 6 years of experience developing curriculum and programming for kids of all ages. Her love for teaching is only surpassed by her love for what she learns in return. (And being a mother of two toddler boys has taught her plenty!) She truly believes that children are a gift from God and will help bring joy and restoration to the pockets of broken and hurting people of Hamilton. Her hope for ONE Kids is that the kids would connect with God on a deeper level, understand what He says about who they are, and know that through Jesus they are equipped to make an impact in this world.



    As an ER and ICU Nurse, Robin Johnston has had many years of experience caring for the human body. Now she is able to use her expertise to carry out her true passion — caring for the human heart, mind and soul. A gifted administrator, she takes joy in creating and implementing systems that allow ministries to more effectively engage with the community. She is also acting administrator of One College as well as a gifted teacher and mentor to students and faculty alike. 

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